Famous Hermes silk scarf

Hermes has been using silk and other natural materials for a long time, the first Hermes scarf was made in 1937. At some point it was even a disadvantage compared to his Hermes scarfcompetitors that sought new man created materials. However the hysteria about nylon and other synthetic fibres is now over and Hermes scarves made of natural silk are again back among the top luxury accessories.

The Hermes scarf is 90 to 90 cm (35.4 inches) and it is hand stitched together. The silk is painted, using screens (one for each color) and the themes of these luxury silk scarves are various, animal motifs, historical, although typically Hermes like to use such symbols as coats of arms or military themes that are associated with nobility.

Hermes scarf with horses (symbol of the brand) are also rather popular. And the brand makes two scarf collection a year and produces some also limited edition scarves that collectors go crazy about.

Hermes scarves make also a considerable part of the company's income and these scarves have been popular with numerous celebrities from Queen Elizabeth II to Sarah Jessica Parker and Hillary Clinton. Also Sharon Stone used one of the Hermes scarves in the famous movie Basic Instinct in the tie up scene.

This is one of those brand that do not have any discounted products, so if you are looking for a brand bags sale you will not find it here. This French fashion label has been very proud of its exclusivity and luxury reputation that they have maintained throughout the years. So if you love the brand but cannot afford their purses, you can always go for the small accessories, such as these scarves. And they certainly will make a great and elegant gift. Each year they update the collection with new colors and prints so you can choose the perfect scarf for you. Also if you need a gift for your man - the Hermes ties are known to be one of the best and will certainly make an impression.