Hermes Lindy bag

This purse is introduced in 2006, and although its success cannot be compared with the Birkin's, thisHermes Lindy bag is one decent handbag that offers practicality and style. It has double roomy compartments - a handy feature to get better organized. The bag expands easily so no need to worry about the space that the smaller bags sometimes lack. The shape is quite slouchy and relaxed - if you do not like the box types of handbags. And the Hermes tag guarantees perfect quality. Price as always is the arm and leg - from 4300 USD depending on the size and make.

This purse is sold as a leather bag and it has a version in canvas too with leather trim. You cannot get this bag online from the Hermes online store, so you will have to go to the New York Hermes store (691 Madison Avenue, 55 E 59th Street # 3 and 15 Broad Street New York) or fly to Paris. You can also visit the store if you need to repair or improve the condition of your other bags from this brand. There is also a good color choice for the purse, so if you want something eye catching - choose the blue or orange Lindy bag. The sizes are 30 or 34 cm (in inches it is 11.8" and 13.4".
This purse is very versatile and can be easily carried with wearing jeans or a strict office suit. Could be also paired with a dress and high heels. The bag also has two internal and two external pockets. The shoulder strap is non-removable, but the purse does come handy in terms of transformation so that you can really fill it up with whatever essentials you need and it still will look cute.