Hermes bags online

Ways to get a genuine luxury purse online. Learn tips and tricks. Rule number one is that if you see someone selling genuine Hermes Birkin or Kelly for price of 300 USD it is almost a guaranteed fake. There are no such thing as cheap Birkin or cheap Hermes bags. Nor there are discounts on any of their products. The only possibility that you might get the real thing without waiting in line is to get lucky in some auction. And also then you have to know the brand to avoid the fakes and get the authentic purse.

Internet shopping lacks the opportunity to see the bag, check all the features etc. to determine the authenticity and so on. Plus it is flooded with fakes and almost the only truly safe choice is going to the store yourself. But even then you must know that they will not just hand you the IT bag over the counter. Sot there are some advices and one them is you have to look like the regular Hermes client - the outfit must be appropriate and it does not hurt to get some of the accessories of the brand as well. If you already carry their bag on your arm, even better.

There are people who have succeeded in that and made it a sort of business to get a desired Birkin or Kelly for customers who want this bag right now. You can read about Michael Tonello who describes his adventures in the book "Bringing Home the Birkin" which is a story on how to get this famous purse in the same day. Hermes international does also have boutiques in the largest cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris (24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 42 Avenue George V and other), Dubai, Moscow and other metropole cities of the world.