Hermes silk bags and leather accessories

Everybody talks about Kelly bag and Hermes Birkin bag, but there is one more rather Constance bag knockoffpopular Hermes handbag that the true Hermes fans know and try to add to their luxury bags collections. This bag is Constance bag. It is rather small shoulder bag, and has a slight resemblance to Chanel's 2.55 due to the long shoulder strap, although Constance bag is much shorter. It has square design with rounded edges and Hermes golden lock in form of letter H.

Also there is Hermes Garden party bag with a beautiful classic design, as well as gorgeous Hermes Victoria bag, and also some leather messenger handbags. Hermes luggage is rather expensive travel bag, however it is made up to the highest standards and it is a must have for wealthy and trendy people.

Hermes brand is always very attentive to any details and all Hermès handbag hardware is usually plated with gold or palladium. Bag interior usually is made of goat leather and the color is matching the outside. The range of Hermes bag shades is quite wide - from orange to red, black and sky blue. Hermès uses various leathers, from most exotic ones as alligator to shark, deer, ostrich and calf skins.

Hermes also offers Hermes silk bags, such as Silky City handbag with calf leather strap and gold plated hardware and Silky Pop bag that can be zipped back in a small purse to put into handbag. It is an affordable and beautiful accessory form this French luxury brand. Hermes Cabag is a canvas handbag. If you want a piece of this luxury and are put off paying the sky high prices, these silk accessories are a way to have a luxury handbag.

The most known Hermes bag names - Birkin, Kelly, Lindy and Constance. There are more of the leather purses from this French legend, known for its quality, but none has been such a stand-out as the above mentioned purses. You can read more about the brand's history in the web page.