Birkin bag

Birkin bag is the ultimate IT bag on the market. Created in cooperation with singer and Birkin bagactress Jane Birkin, this Hermes handbag has become one of the most popular and recognizable leather handbags in the world. Birkin handbag was made once Jane Birkin sat in an airplane with Mr. Dumas and said that her Kelly bag was impractical for every day use. And Hermes corrected this inconvenience by creating the ultimate IT bag of our time and naming it after Jane Birkin. As all Hermes leather handbags, also this one is carefully made by hand. There are no assembly lines in Hermes world - each craftsman is responsible for creating solely one handbag and its making takes from 18 to 24 hours, as in case of Birkin.

The most expensive and exclusive version of Birkin bag is the one in crocodile leather, however the most elite clients can make some additions to the iconic design, for example, add some diamonds to the exterior. Birkin bag price range is about 8000 dollars and the waiting time can reach several years. Although there have been rumors that with an appropriate attitude one could easily just walk into Hermes store and buy a Birkin bag in the same day. There is even a book dedicated to the subject by Michael Tonello.

If Birkin bag is used for some time, it can be sent to repair and Hermes will send this exquisite leather handbag back as new.

Birkin is definitely celebrity bag, Victoria Beckham has quite few of Birkin bags, also Kelly Brookes, Kate Moss, Martha Stewart, Katie Holmes and other stars own their IT handbag. After some features on TV, Birkin bag in fact became even more popular and recognizable to people. Now it is still in the top 10 most desired or the so called IT bags, although there are plenty of fashion houses that have tried their best to make the superhandbag of their own. This is and remains of the most iconic fashion accessories designs of our time.