Hermes brand and Hermès stores

Hermes Birkin fauxHermes is still one of the IT brands continuously making more of the IT bags. Anything that Hermes produces is always well received and fashion people go crazy and more to get some of the lizard, ostrich or alligator leather Hermes totes in all shades and sizes. Victoria Beckham is know to have picked up quite a collection of the gorgeous Hermes bags, some Birkin bags in various shades, and Kelly bags too. Just name it.

Hermès brand beginning is quite modest - Hermès was founded in 1837 in France and in the beginning it was producing saddles and leather items for rich and noble of the time. The brands name is actually a family name, as this brand was established by Thierry Hermès.

Later his business was inherited by his sons (Adolphe and Emile - Maurice), who were producing leather saddles to the czar of Russia. The brand already had this impeccable leather makers image. Hermes sold also apparel too. But the first Hermes handbag was introduced in 1922, when wife of Emile Maurice asked her husband to make a handbag for herself. The legend goes that Emile Maurice Hermes made the first Hermes bag himself. And Hermes handbags turned out to be a success.

Hermes already had its presence in the States, when Kelly bag was manufactured (originally it was actually called Sac à dépêches) . Hermes had its ups and downs until it came under leadership of Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes, who helped the brand to become one of the most distinguishable luxury goods companies. After 30 years of working for the brand, he now handed the very successful company to Patric Thomas, who is now CEO of the label. Right now Hermes has 14 product lines that include famous leather accessories and leather hand bags (such as Kelly bag or Birkin bag), men's and women apparel, watches, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, even table ware items and other products.

Shop Hermes - you can do it online - they do carry some of their products in the online boutique, for example the gorgeous satin evening bags. Although if you can afford the high price of the brand's products, why not treat yourself by visiting the Hermes NYC store - there are several shops for this legendary French label. Reports of their attitude are mixed - some say the best customer service there ever, some say the attitude is a bit snobbish unless you are clearly dressed as their regular customer.